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Getting Ready For Wee Waa

by on March 18, 2010

The mission with the furthest distance to travel without needing a passport this year is to Wee Waa. Where is Wee Waa? Glad you asked.

Wee Waa can be found in North West NSW, 42km west of Narrabri. In terms of population, it’s not a big place – only 1700 people. This makes it smaller than many of the suburban missions being run in Sydney.

Please pray for the team as we travel to Wee Waa. Google Maps says it’s a 7.5 hour drive. And anyone who’s ever used Google Maps before knows that Google’s estimate is not always accurate. Pray for our safety on the road as we set off on Saturday morning (Mission Day Zero). And pray for those of us who are carpooling that we can make the most of the time in the car to grow in relationship with each other.

Also remember the families left behind in Sydney in your prayers. It’s always hard being away from your family while on mission. It’s especially hard when you know it’s not easy to rush back home in case of an emergency.

I’m really looking forward to sharing Jesus with the people of Wee Waa and I hope to have lots of great news to share with you here on the Moore College Mission 2010 site.

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