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Mission in the heart of the city

by on March 20, 2010

(Photo by Jasper Lee)

Moore College this year  is sending a team of students for mission in the heart of Sydney at St Philips York St Anglican. The church is the oldest parish in Sydney yet there is a new feel and is filled with excitement as the church enters a new phase of change and growth under the leadership of Justin Moffatt. We hope the mission team might serve as catalyst for the church to make inroads in evangelising and engaging with city workers and inner city dwellers.

The team leaders of this mission are Michael Jenson and Tara Thornley. The team will be involved with serving at the Sunday services, midweek York Street and City Bible Forums, street evangelism and spending lots of time praying and pleading for God to revive hearts and bring abundant mercy and salvation of Sydneysiders.

I am very excited about this mission and really look forward to meeting the church core team and connecting and sharing the gospel of Jesus with people who do life in the city. I hope to post regular updates and prayer points on our mission. Please support us in prayer as the mission commences for the following things:

  • For boldness as we preach the gospel in the city
  • That God would be preparing the hearts of people in advance
  • For ability to listen to people – following the mission slogan ‘we’re listening for a change’.
  • For the capacity to reflect theologically on what we hear
  • For Justin Moffatt, rector of St Philip’s York St as he heads up the mission
  • That we would get to know each other as a team
One Comment
  1. There are hundreds of thousands of people here who – with respect to God — do not know their right hand from their left. We are in prayer.

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