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A Fair Trade – Day 2

by on March 22, 2010

Well the day began for about half the team at 7:30am. We were leafleting various bus stops and train stations in the area. I got to be at one of the bus stops where at times the line for the bus was well over 20 metres. Now there were 3 of us there and we took turns in finding out who had the most positive reaction to be given a leaflet. This was then followed up by a bacon & egg roll and fresh orange juice. A good start. Then we all met together to figure who was doing what for the rest of the week, in particular the prayer night tomorrow and scripture on Thursday. Then we learnt how 12 years ago the church had a total of 40 people and how has around 600 including kids. God is good. None the less the day continued and then a few went to a local shopping centre to setup a stall with an Anglicare Food Bin as well as leaflets and copies of Essentail Jesus. The rest of us had a bit of an easy time before lunch. Following lunch we had time to prepare for the upcoming events before door knocking. My door knocking partner and I had the joy of speaking to a lady who went to another church but had been praying for MTC mission. She had heard all about it from the student minister at her church. So that was a nice surprise having her say… “Mission Week?!” after I had said that we were from the local Anglican church and saying hi to the neighbourhood. The weather also cleared up nicely for that afternoon. Then most of us went home except for a few who staying for the marriage enrichment night. A good marriage building time was had by all. So now we look forward finalising a few details while getting God’s word out there. No doubt God will be with us every step of the way…

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