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Day 2 @ Narellan: Jogging, Meeting, Eating and Hugging

by on March 22, 2010


After two days of mission, the Narellan team is well and truly under way! Here’s a few things we’ve done as a team:

  • Chris, Adrian, Mark all preached at services either at Narellan, or Cobbitty churches.
  • Nick Russell and Toby Neal all shared their testimonies of how they came to the Lord.
  • Other members of the team helped with some Youth bible studies.
  • Adrian, Toby, Chris all went for a jog – Chris won the hill climb! (He asked me to write that!)
  • A Primary School seminar was held – lots of kids and teachers heard the Word! Simon Twist rocked out on guitar.
  • A great meeting was had with all the staff of Narellan, and we heard about the amazing ways God has grown this church.  So good to hear of God providing exactly where and when things were needed!
  • A hilarious practise was held where Chris Thompson, Steve Gardner, Adrian Foxcroft, Fletcher Clarke and myself all got ready for a dramatic mime (yes, a mime!) we’re doing at the High School seminar tomorrow.  It involved a whole lot of man-hugs.  Pictures coming!

So, all in all, we’re starting off well.  It will be a fairly fast-paced time, but we’re really hoping to support and strengthen the work of the Gospel here in the South-west of Sydney.  Moreover, we would certainly love and need your prayers for this work – especially that we would be motivated, driven, and shaped by the atoning death of Christ for us.

With love and gratitude,
Mark and the Team @ Narellan!

  1. You can’t highlight with grey on grey! It might not be a sin but it’s definitely a crime!

  2. but all those horrible colours are a sin!!!


  3. sorry wrong user name.

    all those horrible colours are still a sin!!

  4. Andrew permalink

    Earngey! Those colours, and hugging? What’s going on?

  5. Hahaha – nice replies.

    Well, since I’m not an ipod kinda guy, and we haven’t gotten all our vids and photos together, a punter’s gotta try something catchy right? …

    It certainly got your attention! (kind of like those terribly loud voices selling carpets on TV!) …

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