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Ingleburn Alive

by on March 22, 2010

We arrived bleary-eyed yesterday morning in suburban Ingleburn. The streets were decorated with streamers and banners advertising the ‘Ingleburn Alive’ festival which happened the day before. Our prayer is that Ingleburn would become truly alive as the gospel of Jesus is proclaimed!

Ingleburn is an area of contrasts. It’s a mix of city workers and factory workers. it’s hemmed in by a gated estate on one side and housing commission on the other. Yesterday we had an evangelistic focus in all of the three church services. Wonderfully, we were greeted this morning with the news that someone gave their life to Christ during the 7pm service. Already this mission has been worth it, and it’s only the second day!

Today some of us went down to the train station to greet hundreds of commuters heading for work. It was the the factory workers getting off at Ingleburn to head towards the large industrial estate just next to the station, and the office workers getting on for their 45min ride to the city. To as many as would take it we gave them a copy of ‘The Son Herald’ (very punny) which contained reflections on the word of God and some great testimonies from members of our team.

Now we sit in a parishioners house in the gated estate (Macquarie Links). We have just letterbox dropped the entire area with an invitation to a party that our host is organising. The hope is that a bible study will start here and then a house church.

Please pray:

– That a Bible study would start strongly in the gated-estate
– For primary school scripture and dialogue meetings tomorrow
– Give thanks for that young woman who gave here life to Christ last night

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