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Prayer points from Willoughby

by on March 22, 2010

– Give thanks for all the people who are hosting us this week.  Pray that the relationships between the team and the various billets would be good, that it would afford ample times of good conversation and building up

– Give thanks for all the opportunities to work with kids over the week, on Sundays, through the mostly un-churched at the playgroups, and the Scripture seminar on Wednesday.  Give thanks that we are able to do this, especially Scripture, and for the team members involved.  Please pray for the organisation of the puppet show at the playgroups and the preparation needed for the Scripture asssembly, and for the assembly itself.

– Give thanks for Charles and his heart for the youth around Chatswood.  Pray for the conversations that he and those going with him will have.  Pray that his increased presence in the area over this week might bear fruit.

– Give thanks for one of our chaplaincy group and his heart for the Canterbury region.  He is doing an independent mission thing there, because he would like to start a church plant sometime in the future.  He is using this week to scope out the area and meet with people from the area.  Pray that this  would be a fruitful week in all that he does, both now and in the future.

– Give thanks for the youth team and the various opportunities they will have, doing Scripture seminars and visiting school groups, doing stuff at youth group and the usual youth-y stuff.  Pray that they would encourage the youth group at St Stephens, which had been through some tough times in the past.

– Give thanks for the power of God to work through feeble preachers.  Pray for those who heard the sermons by Scott, James and Jonathon on Sunday, that the word of God might have taken hold in their hearts.  Pray for Jason, Brian and Gibbo who are preaching on the second Sunday – for soft hearts to hear and learn from the word – in the congregation as well as the preachers! – , wisdom to know what to say, and strength to say it.

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