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Rationale for city ministry

by on March 22, 2010

This morning the St Philips York St mission team met with the good guys at City Bible Forum. Pete Kaldor spoke about the rationale for city and workplace ministry and presented 4 points:

1. Gospel reason: as a response to God’s grace, Christians have the desire to want to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to our neighbour and strangers.

2. Economic reason: by the shear number of people who are in the city, there are more opportunities by economies of scale to hold events and programs.

3. Tactical reason: the are 3 comparative advantages of city based ministry:
1) Proximity – for city workers to hear the gospel close to where they work, where they spend most of their time.
2) Convenience – relatively more convienent for workers give up a lunch time then a Sunday for church as a starting point
3) Culture – culture of church is foreign to non christians. City ministry can be tailored and contextualised for the office/corporate culture.

4. Strategic reason: the city is the centre where culture is created and permeated. Generally young professionals and those in middle management are culture creaters. Therefore Christians in the city have the to opportunity to influence and change the culture.

“As the city goes so does the culture” – Tim Keller

  1. jeff fung permalink

    mikey, keep up the blogging – the posts are v good! maybe see you this wednesday lunch

    • Jess joseph permalink

      Really like this post! Invaluable thoughts by Peter.

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