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Willoughby: scoping the territory

by on March 22, 2010

It begins with a small service starting at 8am.

It ends with a small service and a heap of kebabs and other finger foods.

In between, a moderately sized service with many irregulars on the books who consider themselves regular, which also makes the Sunday kids ministry a little challenging.

St Stephens has the feel of a church that wants to grow, but is a little nervous about it.  The kind of “little nervous” you get if one asked if you would like to do some walk-up evangelism.  The vibe is that it needs an injection of enthusiasm, boldness, courage, not just in some, but enough to permeate the congregations, enough to drive a renewed commitment to church from the irregulars, enough to make people excited and unafraid of inviting their friends persistently.  There’s some good people here, and good staff.  Will we be up to the challenge this week?  How would you reverse a long trend of decline?

Lined up this week, we have the usual assortment of kids stuff, youth stuff, growth groups, a big night event, all the usual stuff you do on mission.  But for us, our success here can’t be measured on those metrics (if indeed you ought to use metrics to measure success).  Our success may well be measured by how St Stephens is doing 6 months, 1 year, 3 years from now.

  1. Would love to know who is the person behind the Willoughby posts.

    As somebody from the church I think it is a very fair assessment and it is quite accurate to compare our desire to grow to the nervousness about doing walk-up.

    Looking forward to seeing how God uses you guys over the next week!

  2. Lucy Ruckley permalink

    Well, I’m a bit saddened by the feel of the post. As one of the irregulars who consider themselves regular, I have always felt that st stephens provides a strong spiritual home and has certainly pulled me to Christ and church. I know I speak only for my family here but as a mum of young kids, between illnesses and other baby requirements, it can be difficult to get to fixed time engagements such as church. We however are doing our best to serve God in the ways that we can, and attend as often as we can. We have found the church family at st stephens to be a lovely supportive place to raise our kids in a Christian environment. I wish you all the best for the mission week and aim to see you at a couple of events.

  3. Penny Morrison permalink

    jaxexodus is Jason.

    Lucy Ruckley, you are not one of the irregulars! In Jason’s description, you are more like the injection of enthusiasm. You are such an encouragement to me.

    But…good people? There is no-one righteous, not even one.

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