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A Scout’s duty

by on March 23, 2010

Until yesterday, all I knew of scouts was woggles, dibbs, and dobbs. As we stepped into the scout hall last night, I wasn’t sure if I was about to step into some secret society, and if I would feel out of place without a neckerchief.

Four of our team went to a Scout meeting to hang out, and chat about Jesus. The group were Venturers rather than Scouts to be precise; a group of 11 guys and girls, aged 15–17.

There must be a slight cultural gap between youth groups and scouts. None of the scouts knew any of the 8 different games we played. But the games were loved none the less, by scouts and leaders alike.

After much silliness was enjoyed, Andrew Robinson took us through the good Samaritan story. The Scouts, and Venturers have a promise that they make, “I will do my duty to my God and my country”. What is this duty? Can we fulfil it?

Andrew showed how high the standard of duty is that Jesus sets when he tells the story of the good Samaritan. Breaking into small groups straight after this was a great chance to interact with the youth, and talk about responding to our inability to fulfil this duty.

I never went to Scouts or Venturers growing up. I’ve realised it is a really fun thing to do, and I feel like I missed out, only going to Youth Group. Because of the association between this Venturer’s group and St Anns Merrylands, I’m glad that they don’t miss out on hearing about Jesus. God has provided so many opportunities to proclaim the great news of Jesus, and we keep praying that he shows mercy to many.

  1. Jess joseph permalink

    I was very briefly a Brownie/ Girl Scout. :)

    I like how you guys took what they knew & valued & showed how it relates to the Gospel. Pray they took away the message.

    Thanks for the post, Dan! (Hi to Katie for me.)

    • danmanmorris permalink

      Hi Jess. Glad you’re following what is happening.

      Yeah, it was interesting how there is so much in the Scouts etc. that acknowledges a deity. They even pray at the end of their meeting.

      I don’t think these structures encourage people to know God, though. I guess it is more about acknowledging a God.

  2. Awesome work. Prayed just then for that group.

  3. here’s some more of the thinking behind the above content:

    • Andrew permalink

      Yeah, thanks for the tip on that Miers. We hit the Cubs (8-11 year-olds) tonight and Dave explained the gospel through the story of Zaccheus…it was awesome, the kids were engaged, and was a whole lot of fun.

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