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Getting Our Hands Dirty in Wee Waa

by on March 23, 2010

Day 3 of Wee Waa mission and everything is going full steam ahead. Wine and cheese nights, Scripture seminars and nursing home visits have kept us busy.

This morning, Victor Shaw got to experience front line country parish ministry. A non-church member of the community died last week and Victor was given the opportunity to preach at the funeral. After borrowing a jacket and tie, he stood in front of 120 mostly non Christian funeral attendees. Victor was then able to attend the wake afterwards and make connections and build relationships with people. This was an experience that was invaluable to Victor and invaluable to the ministry of Wee Waa Anglican.

While Victor was preaching at the funeral, some of the team hit the dirt track to present the gospel at primary schools at Burren Junction and Piliga. One team member had to pull over on the way after a combination of dust and mud made visibility an issue.

From all reports the kids really enjoyed the program.

In the afternoon, the team spread out for visitations. Team members paired up and went to visit older members of the church. By all accounts, the team members were just as encouraged by these meetings as the parishioners were. This is the bread and butter of ministry and it was a great mission experience.

Tomorrow is our day off, so we’ll be relaxing by the lake, maybe getting in some water skiing. Then we’ll be back in action on Thursday.

  1. Andrew permalink

    Vic! Preaching at a funeral. That is hectic stuff man. Praise God for the opportunity.

  2. i concur with andrew!

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