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Hitting the streets and the schools

by on March 23, 2010

In da hood

Yesterday we took a tour of Ingleburn. From the rich and new areas, through the large industrial zone, the village centre, the various older residential areas and the semi-rural areas: complete with horses and chicken farms. Our brief was to get a feel for the suburb: to look at the kinds of people, houses and business that were present. Then we were asked to imagine if we were missionaries arriving for the first time in Ingleburn, how would we go about starting a church…?

Today the majority of the team took part in scripture classes across two primary schools. It was a wonderful opportunity to build on the great work that the faithful scripture teachers have done over the last months and years. It is so encouraging to know that we have such wonderful people across our city teaching the good news of Jesus to thousands of kids each week.

Jesus raises the dead to life

Darwin as Lazarus

Please pray:

– For dialogue meetings happening over the next few days (four tonight).
– That the word of God would take root in the lives of the children in the scripture classes

– Give thanks that the classes went so well today

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