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I played chicken with my host

by on March 23, 2010

I met my host family tonight. Lovely family. We spent about 4 hours chatting! Around midnight the family of 4 had dwindled down to 1. So it was just the father and me left. I was getting tired. But I didn’t want to be the one to break off the conversation. So in my head I thought I’d play chicken with him. Last one left standing wins.

By 1am I realised that I needed to call it off. But I couldn’t. I had to win. I thought if I just held out for another minute or two, he’d say “good night” first. He didn’t. I did. He wins. I lose. That’s okay.

I miss my family already, but here are 3 reasons why being billeted is gold:

  1. A tangible way of showing our gospel partnership
  2. A glimpse into the culture of the family, the local church and the local community
  3. An encouragement hearing of God’s work in their lives


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