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Narellan Day #3: Men’s Dinners, Rusty Preaches up a Storm, Challenging Small Groups and Successful Hugs

by on March 23, 2010

First, a few reflections.  I’ve found Narellan to be a place which is a predominantly white anglo-saxon area.  Whilst there seems to be a bit of money around the area, there is pain on the inside of many.  In a small group today, one group reported a high amount of teenagers whose families were gripped by the sadness of broken families and marital tensions.  There are only a few churches around the area and yet many of the locals are very unchurched.  Many new residential areas are opening up, and the Gospel opportunities are plentiful.

Last night a few things happened:

  • Daniel Faricy and Steve Gardner encouraged the blokes @ St. Thomas’ about Stress and Workplace Evangelism, respectively.
  • Chris, Foxy, and myself went out to late night maccas to “plan” tomorrow’s high school session – Foxy managed to down cheeseburger and a chocolate Sundae @ 10pm! haha.
  • There were a few dinners held at different church member’s houses.

And today some awesome things went on:

  1. Two High School seminars were held at Elizabeth Macarthur High School.  The topic was “What is love” and Nick Russell preached up a storm.  He really challenged almost 200 kids to consider the depth of love shown in Christ’s death and resurrection.  The mime went OFF – vids coming :)
  2. Simon Twist and Tania headed off to a small group and encouraged them in their love for the Scriptures.  They had a unique opportunity to think together as a group about the difference between having a social focus and a Scripture focus in their group.
  3. A bunch of intrepid missioners headed out to door-knock around a new housing estate – unfortunately most of the houses were yet unoccupied!
  4. And a primary school seminar was held at Elderslie primary – Osea taught them how to rap!
  5. Chris Thompson is still in pain from his run yesterday.

It really feels like the mission is heading into full swing now – the praying is becoming more passionate and specific, and the call to salvation in Christ is being proclaimed.  Please do keep praying that we’d be on our knees before God, and be using our whole bodies to preach Christ to our full capacity.  More importantly, please pray that the Lord of the harvest would be merciful to many of the people around Narellan.

With love in Christ – and for His Glory,
Mark Earngey

PS – This post is colourless.  The next will be coloured.

  1. pps – the next post will be officially santcioned if it has more ugly coloured fonts…


  2. Sue permalink

    Hi Mark, No it’s not colourless – great stuff especially in the schools – well done! Great to hear and to be able to pray with you all.

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