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The word of the day is ‘community’…

by on March 23, 2010

Do you know that it is possible to do cross-cultural ministry in Australia? Of course you do! We know that there are an ever increasing number of migrants in this nation and that we really only need to step out our front door to engage with people from all over the world. This is true. But today as I met and chatted to people from Sadleir I realised that for me, I can engage in cross-cultural ministry with people who look exactly like me. They are Australians. They have grown up in the same city as me. But it seems as though we come from different worlds. We have wildly different expectations when it comes to our lives. We have different priorities. Pray for wisdom in responding to the people we meet. Pray for generosity and love in responding to their needs.

Today some of the team went to run two scripture classes where a puppet play was performed. Mike Leong was the man who spoke to the puppet and although he was nervous, he didn’t even need to use a script in the end! By all accounts it went really well and the kids got into it. Praise God for his goodness and pray for the remaining Scripture classes Wednesday and Thursday.

Liam met Ron (name changed) whilst door knocking this morning. He was able to share with Ron who Jesus is and even though he didn’t seem very impressed we uphold him in prayer and ask our God to work a miracle in him so that he can know Jesus. Join us.

St Marks had organised a community dinner for tonight. We expected 100 and about 85 came along! There was another puppet play, this time Gavin (the puppet – played by Nick) helped Megan (a person) tell the story of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector. It was wonderful! We were glad that Gavin was convinced that the Tax Collector was the one who trusted God.

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