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Door knocking aboard the Mother Ship in Moorebank

by on March 24, 2010

Hitting the streets, and then the timber as you move from house to house hoping for opportunities to commend Jesus to people in their homes; door knocking is a strange beast. It’s different to just about any other form of evangelism. You aren’t on church property, nor in the public sphere, rather, you are meeting people on their turf.

As a method of evangelism it’s a scattergun approach. Door knocking is farming like the sower of Jesus parable, scattering the seeds uncertain of where they will land.

This year on Moore College Mission at Moorebank, the team were promised, ‘a door knocking experience like never before’. That is, an entirely positive one. The saints at Moorebank had pretty much covered the entire parish over 2009 as they offered the gospel according to Luke, to every household. Better yet, they kept records of every house that either took a gospel or was even remotely positive towards the Christians. So how was this going to be a ‘door knocking experience like no other’? We were only going back to the households that didn’t slam the door previously.

Thank God that so far the predictions of positive proclamation have been fairly spot on. Not every household could remember the previous visit, nor taking the gospel of Luke, but the majority of people were willing to have a chat. A number expressed interest in coming along to events being held this week, more people took copies of Luke (one lady told us she had just rediscovered her copy under a pile of paperwork last week.) Another woman who identified herself as a Roman Catholic was happy to take Luke’s gospel once some initial confusion was overcome regarding Luke’s gospel being a part of the Bible.

To give you a feel for the positivity of the door knocking, a practicing Mormon woman at another house ended up talking with two of our team for an hour and a half about Jesus. This was even after one of our team members had initially offended her by referring to Salt Lake City as ‘the Mother Ship’.

We’re hitting the streets (and then doors) again on Thursday, so please pray God will go before us and (literally) open doors for sharing the message of forgiveness of sin through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

One Comment
  1. That’s a really well thought out way of doing door knocking!
    Prayed just then for door knocking this week at Moorebank.

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