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New Aroma in the Pitts

by on March 24, 2010

March 23rd

The wee hours of this morning gave us all a chance to join in the connect café ministries at 2 of the local schools. Under Mike H’s excellent tutelege 4 team members fashioned cafeinated creations, while others gathered in the consumers. It’s been a ministry which has led to several conversions over the years, and this morning led to several new contacts.

The highschool team got to present their first ‘wipeout’ chapel to 2 houses. It was great fun watching Meena cartwheel across the stage, Mike whip the crowd into a frenzy with Scissors, Paper, Rock, and Snowy give them a taste of Friday night to come.

Kiddies got to hang with the great team in Arndell & excite them about Friday’s events too. Thank goodness 1st year has been training at handball – cos the little ones at Arndell love it too.

Getting Dinner for Free – Pitt Town Anglican has worked out how to get free meals – ask the church to host meals with their non-church friends. It’s been a great way to have conversations about what we’re up to and why with people who don’t come to church.

Please continue to pray for the school assemblies and dinners.

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