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Pitted Dates

by on March 24, 2010

Meeting up with people in the Pitt is giving us the chance to reconnect with people who have had some relationship with the church. Many from children’s baptisms, and Greg’s crazy antics – for whatever reason they don’t come along anymore, but this week is the chance to hook up once again.

Coffee Dates again this morning at Oakville Public – a new venture for Pitters. There were millions of people there for the caffeine delights!!!! Okay, for the Pitt Town team a million is like 15 and 15 is like a million – taking our cue from the Lord, who for a day is a 1000 years and a 1000 years is a day (quoting Mark Thompson). But once again, good conversations were had and people are more awake than p.c. (pre cafination).

This morning was the 2nd and last Group Date at Arndell Chapel.

Lunch Dates – Mark Thompson and the Seniors team enjoyed a ‘lite luncheon’ with a talk by Thommo challenging people to consider whether they were fighters, runners and keepers who would run the race, fight the fight and keep the faith, and then there was some bonus trivia fun times. Ten points for who can tell us what a sentinologist is?

The high school team shot some hoops, played some giant jenga and fed the thousands (via BBQ). It was a hit, possibly because it was school cross country practise and the kids were hungry! Lots of good converation had and heaps of excitement about Friday night.

Final Dates – The primary team had their last 2 assemblies today & did a super job explaining Jesus love for them & enjoying the journey!!! I got to witness them in action today & it was stunning!!!!!

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