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Was Jesus a Racist?

by on March 24, 2010

"The dogs of heaven" a slide from Andrew's  presentation.

Pretty confronting question hey! Well in Moorebank there’s no dilly dallying around it, as part of the mission programme the church hosted an open event on Multiculturalism in Australia. [Rev. Dr.] Andrew Cameron spent the better part of an hour and a half looking at how we came to be a multicultural society, what challenges and opportunities that foists upon us and what Jesus has to say about all of it.

The middle section of his talk offered up this compelling question – is Jesus a Racist? He dipped into Matthew 15, where Jesus interacts with a Canaanite woman. Jesus mocks his disciples, calling this woman a dog, and then heals her daughter, signaling something bigger – gentile inclusion into the blessing of God.

He then finished by reminding us that we look forward to the day when people from every nation, tribe and tongue will gather around the throne adopted in. We won’t lose our identity – that’s ours to keep.

The Gospel was clearly heard, interacted with and brought to bear on this important issue.

Prayer points for the next few days:

– Please pray that God would continue to work in us to kill our secret inner racist.

– Please pray for those doing things they’re a bit worried about in the next few days…

+ Particularly Anna Boxwell, who’s speaking at an event for women tomorrow morning on “clinging to the temporary”

+ The student panel who will be fielding tough questions on Thursday night at an event designed for parents of kids in  scripture

+ Steve Boxwell who’s speaking on ‘the point of life’ at a Jazz night on Friday night.

– Please pray that God would work mightily through our puny efforts and save many in the Moorebank area.

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