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3 reasons why Christianity is hard to accept

by on March 25, 2010

This afternoon the York St mission team helped organise the York St Forum, where Greg Clarke delivered a presentation on why Christianity is hard to swallow in the public. He share 3 points.

Why is Christianity hard to swallow?

1. Moral failures of Christian people
The hypocrisy of Christians has tarnished the integrity of the faith. Others feel that Christians are in it for the money: they sell their faith for profit. However real Christianity is a response to moral failure. Christians are sinners who humbly admit their shortcomings and rely of God’s grace through Jesus Christ.

“Christianity is the place for hypocrites for 2000 years” – Atheist t-shirt

2. God is unecessary
Many people think we don’t need to have God to understand the world and have a good life. However science can only explain how the world works but cannot explain why. Therefore for true knowledge of the world we do need God to understand the purposes of the world and life. In regards to living a good and moral life: moral views has actually come from the Judeo-Christian world view, this is also agreed by secular scholars.

3. Smart people don’t take Christianity seriously
There is the view that people grow out their childhood beliefs if they are smart enough. However this is not statistically true, the majority of people in the world believe in a God. Also statistically there are plenty of people who grow into the Christian faith. People don’t give up Christianity because of the arguements and evidence of the Christian faith. People give up the faith because in their heart the don’t want to because of the personal and social changes and implications in following the Christian faith.

Dr. Greg Clarke is the Director of the Centre for Public Christianity (CPX), an independent research and media organization seeking to promote the public understanding of the Christian faith in Australia and beyond employing the best of scholarship via the best of media.

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