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… and a little further to go

by on March 26, 2010

It’s been a good week at Willoughby.

Thursday was quiet, with half a day off.  Friday, though, was the big 500+ Chatswood High School Scripture assembly.  This crowd was going to be tougher than the 300+ primary kids at Willoughby Public.  Nevertheless, the team pulled it off – Qurious rocked the house, Stu impressed with his bike and his testimony, and Tim spoke well about death and new life through Jesus.

Saturday is the team day off – well, the day time anyway, which is convenient given that Jonny Lam is having his wedding at Willoughby.  Jazz is lined up for Saturday night, with Steve Morrison + band playing.

Pray – for strength (especially for those becoming unwell), rest, endurance, patience, all to make it to the end.

– for the Spirit to be at work

– for faithfulness to God for the preachers on Sunday (Jason, Brian, Gibbo)

– with thanks for how well things went

– with thanks, for getting us this far

– with thanks, for the good gifts the Father has given this team

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