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Cross Cultural Fail

by on March 26, 2010

Realising that the man only spoke Arabic, plan B kicked into action. I reached for the green Arabic copy of Luke’s gospel. Proudly I held it up the right way. My cultural savviness was paying off; I know that this language reverses the reading direction. This is going well! Simultaneously he began closing the door as he said ‘Islam’. The conversation quickly progressed to plan C.

Yeah-soos?? Yeah-soos?? Yeah???

As the door closed, the smile on Robbo’s face said it all. Yes. I said Jesús in Spanish instead of Arabic.

I could justify my cultural faux pas by explaining to you that my mission team is very Anglo-Christian. It does include 3 Dave’s, 3 Matt’s, 2 Andrew’s and 2 Daniel’s. Or maybe I just need to work harder at understanding people and cultures…

  1. Haha thanks for sharing the fails as well as the triumphs!
    Prayed just then for those you doorknocked at Merrylands!

  2. accifeAcaws permalink

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