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Gettin’ in touch with your inner Pitta’

by on March 26, 2010

Today’s blog is to the tune of ‘Yesterday’ made famous first by the Beatles, and secondly by Pitters Mission!!!!!

Yesterday, all ministry seemed so far away – went to Colo to have fun for the day, oh I believe in yesterday….Suddenly, it’s friday morning and time for coffee…milk frothing wasn’t a catastrophe., oh i believe in yesterdsay….why do mini munchkins make music sound so good? Why does the youth team plan things and make jokes worse than they should? (thanks Snowy for bringing the corn!)

So today, the kids team has gone to Arndell to do a play, it’s the last for them I have to say, oh I believe in Yesterday. And tonight – we’ll all be having such a lovely time, kids playing, youth wiping out and trying not to whine, oh I believe in today. Snowy will preach up a storm, and Naomi’s chatting to Nudge. Hopefully, God will work, and we’ll get to keep in touch…. (follow up)


here endeth the song.

cafe connect!

the Barista hard at work (with tongue out to prove it) & Tim without coffee.

loving the coffee!!!

One Comment
  1. Patto permalink

    Hastie! Loving the barista skills brother!

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