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Have you been praying for #MooreMission 2010?

by on March 27, 2010

the apostle paul regularly encouraged the churches with the knowledge that he was praying for them. this blog has had some crazy hits this week. either every student has visited the site 30 times or there are a bunch of other people following and praying. if you are/have been praying. let us know. i’m sure it will be a great encouragement to the mission teams and their host churches for the last two days of mission. and definitely pray for the mission team that have just begun in germany.

leave your comments below…

  1. Hi Folks,
    Belinda Grant here- Tim Grant’s wife (3year)
    I have been praying lots for the mission and value very much all the excellent information you are all giving to inform my prayers.
    May God continue to grow his Kingdom through your service!
    love B

  2. Hey BG!

    We love you! Thanks for your prayers this week.

    Only 1 more sleep till your hubby comes home :-)


  3. Leonie permalink


    Thank you for creating this blog, I’m living in QLD and have several friends at college. Just to name a few: James, Daniel (and Anita), Fi, Ben, Dan, Sarah, Ruth, Christina, Doddsy and Deano who’s now in Germany! It’s great to get daily updates to be able pray more specifically.

    May the Lord continue to greatly empower you all by His Spirit and His Word!
    yours in Christ,

  4. Looking forward to posts from the German team too!

  5. Ed Sowden permalink

    Ed Sowden from St Stephens Normanhurst
    2 people from my church are on moore mission and many other friends

    its encouraging to hear all the work happening around sydney and beyond. Ive been reading blogs and praying :)

  6. Jess joseph permalink

    This blog has been such a great encouragement to my week! Been wonderful reading about the different missions all over Sydney & how different churches are getting involved with trying to reach their communities. Got a few friends in College as well, so it’s a good chance to see what they’re up to. Also love how you guys are using social media to keep everyone informed.

    We need to keep praying that God will work wonders in our beautiful city!

  7. Sue permalink

    It has been wonderful to have the blog and to be able to pray as the teams go out to door knock or go to the schools. Well done everyone.

  8. it’s been great to follow along with all the action around each of the mission teams.

    what a privilege to partner with local churches in proclaiming Jesus!!

  9. roger fitz permalink

    we hosted connon o’shea when the moore mission came to ingleburn ten years ago. Great to see what God is doing all over the joint, and to be reminded of the urgency of the lost hearing the gospel.

  10. Patrick permalink

    I’ve been praying. Especially for those that I know that have come from SUEU and for those churches I know with mission teams. It’s been great to be prayer partners with you guys through this blog.

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