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Moore College Mission is a waste of time…

by on March 28, 2010

I’m not usually one to court controversy, but let me simply put it out there: Moore College Mission is a waste of time. It’s the elephant in the room, isn’t it? Moore College Mission is a waste of time. Have you heard this complaint? Perhaps even in a moment of weakness the thought has wandered into your own head?

What long-term benefit could possibly come from just 8 days working with a church?

To be honest, leading into my first mission I was mildly sceptical myself. There is, as with most criticisms, an element of truth to this particular view. There are great limitations to what the students and staff can achieve in such a short period of time. This is especially true when compared to the week in, week out effort of the local congregation in reaching out to people in their area with the saving message of Jesus.

Yet perhaps the key is that we are working with the local church. I am not currently on Moore College Mission at Moorebank, rather it is Moorebank Mission with Moore College.

One of the greatest blessings thus far has been the clear explanation as to where we fit into the ongoing work of proclamation through the believers here.

Some examples;

  • Explaining the Easter message to over 2000 schoolchildren – this rides on the coattails of the faithful scripture teachers who have such good rapport with 6 schools in the parish that they each gave us a whole school half hour ‘opt out’ assembly, where we could proclaim the gospel.
  • Revisiting houses where people had taken Luke’s gospel or expressed interest when the church members door knocked the majority of the parish last year.
  • Providing teaching and general foot soldiers at the church’s regular gatherings throughout the week.
  • Seeking to talk about Jesus with passersby at Hammondville’s semi-regular ‘open air preaching’ service, Jesus on the Grass.
  • 50 primary age children coming along to a Jungle Safari afternoon to hear about Jesus saving the lost, and be invited into the regular children’s ministry programs.

I have no idea if any individuals have turned this week to put their trust in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins. If they have, that’s just spectacular. Praise be to God. That is work which I trust will last for eternity.

But it seems to me that regardless of people becoming Christians this week, they will continue to be presented with the truth next week too. We have in many ways been utilised as reinforcements for the regular front line troops.

It has struck me just how few once-only events we were responsible for this week. Sure, we provided a dedicated team of workers who have laboured hard in the Lord, sure we have assisted and encouraged the locals with some additional elements to their structures, yet the goal is so much further towards the horizon.

I can only conclude that Moore College Mission is not a waste of time. In great part, because I am certain that though accelerated substantially this week with our assistance, the work will continue as it did before we came, through men and women in Moorebank who love Jesus and love telling others about our great God.

  1. Kirstie permalink

    I walked into my local anglican church around this time 4 years ago, when a bunch of students from moore college were on mission. I was invited to and went along to some of the social events that were planned throughout mission week. I went back to church the following Sunday and these kind people sat by me and talked to me. and can still remember some of the conversations I had with some of the students, (such as trying to convince them that I was a good person, not a ‘sinner’). What those students don’t know (but I’ll seek them out in the new earth to thank them) is that 8 months later I put my trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of my sins. Since then my love for Jesus has grown day by day and (God willing) I am coming to Moore next year to do the 1 year DipB & Miss to learn more about our awesome God. Really looking forward to going on mission myself this time next year!!! Keep up the good work, guys!!! It’s NOT a waste of time!

    • You’re a gem kirstie! Thanks for Your encouragement to us. So glad to call you my friend and sister.

      God is good, all the time!

    • Kirstie, I’m just delighted you wrote “new earth” ;-)

      • Kirstie permalink

        Been taught well in Intro to the Bible by Mr Chris Spark & Ms Kate Haggar!!!

    • your comment is very encouraging kirstie! thanks for sharing.
      praise God for his work in you.

  2. Wow, open air preaching? You should write more about how that went!

  3. Hey Zac,

    I’ve been pointed to your post via Andrew Hong on Twitter!! :-)
    Always joy reading your blogs!!

    Hey Kirstie,

    so fantastic to hear your story!!!! And what an amazing encouragement to all those involved in Moore College Missions. Keep telling your story sister!! We need to hear it!


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