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So much has been done at Sadleir!

by on March 28, 2010

Every morning we have been door knocking in the Green Valley/Sadleir area. Yesterday Steve and Andrew met a M man who they chatted to for a couple of hours. He had grown up Catholic. Praise God that Steve and Andrew were able to explain a bit about Christianity! The man also explained his faith. They exchanged some material and arranged to chat again this morning. So this morning they returned to his house and watched a DVD together about an American man who used to be a Christian but is now a M Evangelist. They spent the next two hours discussing the DVD and explaining why that man was most probably not a Christian to begin with. Please pray for continued follow-up of this man and ask for wisdom to know how best to share Jesus with him.

On Wednesday evening, St. Marks held a church service in the Anglicare Shop at Miller Shopping Centre. There was another puppet show and Steve gave a wonderful talk on about who Jesus is. Praise God that it was really clear!

On Thursday evening the under 30s Bible Study was themed ‘Relationships’. Kevin and Amy, James, and Megan led the group through a study on God’s design for human relationships. Praise God that everyone seemed to understand the main point and thank God for some good questions and time to chat in the discussion time.

Thursday morning was the women’s craft morning. I was so impressed with all the great things that they were making! We showed them a little craft activity which turned out to be quite fun. They are a very creative bunch of women! Megan gave a talk and reminded us that we are God’s possession twice – once because he made us, and once because he bought us back.

Thursday morning was also an easy English Bible Study and then 2 hours of ESL classes. There was English practice and a lesson on Caroline Chisholm. The ESL classes are focused on providing a service for the community and are Bible-free. But people are seeking God. One woman said that she had heaps of questions about God and so was attending the Bible Study too. Praise God!

One Comment
  1. Great to see such conversations coming out of doorknocking.
    Prayed just then for ongoing follow up of that M guy…

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