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the halfway point

by on March 31, 2010

so in about half an hour we head out to Lutherstadt-Wittenberg for our day off. in many ways similar to all our missions – tiring yet encouraging, some great connections yet others with great difficulties in finding commonalities.

the pudding club yesterday was a killer event – a great talk from Jo on satisfaction in Christ. there was a great turn out, and people from LEC have been reqally great at inviting their friends. we even had a two-for-one, with a guest’s lift home arriving before the talk instead of after, staying fo rthe whole talk, and then sticking around to chat.

i didn’t get to listen to the talk, i was being kept awake by a seemingly unending number of kids in creche. i was quite sleepy after what Dan proudly called The Best Mission Event Ever – i.e. hanging out at a pub for their international evening and playing kicker (table soccer) – photos to come from Dan. this was just an ace opportunity to hang out with students and chat and invite them to some student things coming up.

there has been lots to be thankful for so far, but there are also some things we’d love prayer for:

  • kids club: we expect anywhere from 30 to who knows how many to come along to an almost free kids club from thursday to saturday. please pray for the kids who come, the leaders who prepare, and the parents who send their kids there.
  • australian night: an esky-full of aussie culture. on Thursday the best and probably a little more of the worst will be on display for Germans and internationals alike.
  • spring soiree: saturday night’s event is looking a bit like a year 9 talent quest at the moment – not really fitting Bruce’s talk on Bach and glorifying God. pray that we’d finesse the program a little more beforehand, so that we can reach, rather than offend.

otherwise, we’re off to Wittenberg now, i’ve got a few issues to nail up on a few doors.

thanks for your prayers.

bis bald.

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