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Bringing Light to the city of lights: Hong Kong!

by on March 26, 2011


Moore College this year is sending a mission team to one of the most exciting cities in Asia – Hong Kong! Richard Gibson will be leading the team to support the mission of St Andrews Church, Kowloon ( during their Gospel Outreach Week.

Team members are all individually flying out today and we are all excited to be dazzled by the bright lights and experience sensory and cultural overload from all that the people and the city has to offer. Above all we are passionate to proclaim Christ and experience for a week what God is doing in this part of Asia. I personally can’t wait to meet the people at St Andrews and hear about their Christian lives in Hong Kong and hitting the streets to share the gospel with the youth and young adults (hopefully I won’t get too many laughs with my Aussie Cantonese! :D).

I will be blogging on a daily basis to capture all the team’s mission action and insights into life and faith in Hong Kong. We would love you to support us in pray through out the mission!

Prayer points:
1. Thank God for quality of staff at St Andrew’s, Kowloon- including three Moore college graduates.
2. Thank God for the Mandarin and Cantonese speakers on team, and for the local and cultural knowledge they have been able to share with the team.
3. Pray for cultural sensitivity as we work in a variety of cultures in Hong Kong.
4. Pray that as a team, our efforts will be supporting the ongoing work that the church is doing.
5. Pray for the members of the team carrying responsibility for different events, especially as there seems a fair but still to be organized, which is difficult at a distance.
6. Pray for the women on team, Lucy, Tanya, Emily, Amanda and Chenni, who have a big load
7. Pray for safety and harmony for the team
8. Pray that the team will with one voice glorify Jesus!


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