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by on March 26, 2011

Question: Where did the first ever McDonald’s restaurant in Australia open its doors?
Question: Which suburb does Australian Vietnamese comedian Anh Do come from?
Question: Where in Sydney can you find more Buddhists than Anglicans?

Answer: Yagoona.

Sadly, the McDonald’s closed down in 1994. But the Anderson/Thomas mission team are going to Yagoona anyway.

Over the coming week we have the privilege of working alongside St Mark’s Yagoona, and St Clement’s Condell Park. The staff at these churches are relatively new to the area, but it’s been encouraging to hear of their vision to be a church for all nations, proclaiming the gospel and serving the community. The following prayer points will give you some idea of what we are asking God for during this week. Please join with us in prayer for Yagoona.

  1. Thank God for the many people from different language backgrounds (esp. Vietnamese and Arabic) living in the neighbourhood, and for the gospel opportunities this provides.
  2. Thank God for the ongoing Scripture classes at Watawah Heights, Yagoona, Birrong, Bankstown West and Condell Park Public Schools.
  3. Pray that those who are preaching at Sunday services will encourage and challenge those who hear.
  4. Pray that the mission team’s opportunities for sharing the gospel with children at Kid’s Clubs, Scripture and Crunch (Birrong Boys High) will be fruitful for God’s kingdom.
  5. Pray that Bible study group members will bring unbelievers to the Q&A nights.
  6. Pray that those who are contacted in door-knocking, leafleting or through the bookstall, will be eager to hear about Jesus.
  7. Pray that the team will trust God in their preparation, that anxious moments will be bathed in prayer, and that there will be a spirit of co-operation and love.
  8. Pray that in God’s mercy, people in Yagoona and Condell Park will be rescued from sin and death and brought into the kingdom of Jesus.

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