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Behold, Oak Flats!

by on March 27, 2011

Most of us, when we first found out that we were going to Oak Flats, had little to no idea where exactly it was.  Or that ‘Oak Flats’ was the name of a place.

But having finally settled that question (it’s in Shellharbour, 1.5 hours south of Sydney), here we are, joining with St Andrews Oak Flats for what they’ve dubbed ‘Good News Week’.  It’ll be the usual sort of stuff that you’d expect on a regular college mission – door knocking, school Scripture classes, a few Bible talks, etc.

Here’s some stuff you can pray for as we get going this week:

– that God might be mightily at work to soften stubborn hearts, to reveal to us those who hunger and thirst, and to bring those whom he has chosen into the Light.

– that the team might bond and work well together as the week progresses; that we might bear each others burdens; that we might seek together to glorify God in this place

– for those who are preparing talks and sermons, that God might graciously use them to bring the word of life to many

– that the team and the church might mutually encourage each other in these last days, in our working together in mission, and in the hospitality that has been graciously extended to us by our billets.

– that many might accept invitations to come to events; that many people would come to things like the Super Saturday; that many connections for life might be made.


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