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Good News Week has arrived: Christ Church Blacktown Anglican (BAC)

by on March 28, 2011

The team prepping for the week

Sunday 27th: Ian Scarfe

As we plan for the week ahead we do so with benefit of looking back at yesterday. We arrived to a warm welcome from the 8am congregation. The welcome continued throughout the day. It was fascinating to see the different settings for 8am, 10am, Sudanese (now that is different!) and the 6pm congregations.

During the afternoon some of us went “threshold visiting” in pairs around the streets immediately adjacent to the church. A flyer from Michael, the Senior Minister had been delivered to homes in the previous week explaining that we would be calling to ask them for their assistance in finding ways by which the church might improve its service to the community.

I went with Norm, one of the Blacktown parishioners, both with some fear and trembling but also with prayer. We started in the rain and so juggled umbrellas, clipboards and copies of “The Essential Jesus” as we went. We met an interesting cross section of the community as we knocked on some twenty doors and spoke to folk in about a dozen homes. We met Hindus, Presbyterians, a parishioner of BAC, a member of Hillsong, and a number of older Catholic ladies. Only one man we visited was not interested in talking to us – all the others were ready to give us their opinions.

Perhaps the most interesting and challenging contact was with an older Aussie man whose opening statement to us was that, “God is murderer isn’t he?“ Even though we progressed through “God is everywhere” to “I am a Catholic” we were able to share that we understood that God has revealed himself fully to us in Jesus. After ten minutes or more he was really happy to take a copy of “The Essential Jesus”. We were happy too and wonder what the Lord will do from here in his life.


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