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Love your neighbour

by on March 28, 2011

Yesterday was neighbour day. We had a great morning gathering, with a testimony from Tim, a skit from the team on the Good Samaritan, and a sermon from Guan that explored why we should do as Jesus said and love our neighbours as ourselves.

Guan preaching

Then it was time to close off the street outside the church (with prior permission of course) and have a street party!  It rained to start with, but that only seemed to forge a sense of solidarity between everyone huddled under a tree while lunch was being BBQed.

There was no lightning, so it was okay to stand under the tree!

The team, fetchingly attired, serves lunch

Most of the St Matts congregation stayed for the whole afternoon, and although there wasn’t a huge turnout from the neighbourhood, there were around 15-20 visitors who ate and chatted with us, while the kids played street cricket, jumped on the jumping castle, played games in the grounds and generally had a great time.

Robbo and Kim explain the rules for the egg and spoon race

Moore college boys (plus helpers) vs all the church kids in tug of war

Ashbury has higher than the national average concentrations of Catholic and Orthodox believers, and although there are many churches in the suburb and surrounds of various denominations, most are sadly dead or dying. There is also a large Jehovah’s Witness presence in the area.  St Matts is nestled right in the middle of the suburb, and part of the challenge is to to show people in the area that the church is alive and kicking, and keen to reach people with the good news about Jesus.  It was great fun and a joy to help St Matts connect with people in the neighbourhood, to continue raising the profile of the church, and to show the community that St Matts really wants to know and love them.


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  1. Sean permalink

    Nice work Bec, keep up the great posting…

  2. Sue Bennett permalink

    Love the photos and the comments – well done!

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