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Vietnamese Dinner with Evening Service Crew

by on March 28, 2011


At the 6pm evening service Tanya shared her testimony about how she started going to church when she was 12. Also about her suffering of her sons death from leukaemia and her own fight with bowel cancer. She is currently recovering from cancer and is open to where God would lead her in the future.

Andrew Clark in 3rd year spoke at the evening service. Interestingly Andy was born in Hong Kong when his parents served in ministry in Hong Kong. Andy preached from Luke 9:18-26. He introduced that our assessment and judgement of Jesus matters and has significant implications to our life. In the passage the crowd say that Jesus is a prophet like the prophets of old. But Peter a disciple of Jesus said that Jesus is the “The Christ of God”. Jesus is the King who will usher the Kingdom of God. Jesus however wasn’t like any other King, he would be a king that would suffer on the Christ to bring the forgiveness of sins to the world. Andy goes on to point out from the passage that to be a disciple of Jesus requires following in the same footsteps of Jesus, for us to also pick up our cross. To not only say we are Christians but to also genuinely live as a Christian. There is no such thing as a ‘non-practicing Christian’.

After the service we had the opportunity to meet with the evening congregation members. They were so welcoming and friendly and made there way to take us out dinner a delicious Vietnamese dinner close to the church.


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