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9 Things I’d Wish I’d Known before Full-time Ministry…

by on March 29, 2011

Today saw the team meet with the Snr Minister Matt Yeo from Hurstville Grove. He shared some of his thinking about ministry and his wisdom in his 10 things he’d wish he’d known before starting in full-time ministry.

So I thought we’d share them with the rest of us. Good Stuff!!

1)    Going the Distance: Prepare yourself for the long haul by knowing your limitations and personality.

2)    Possessions and Money: Get sorted in thinking about money and procedures in ministry with money as it proves a stumbling block for many.

3)    Holidays: Make sure you take them

4)    Don’t Overestimate People: People change slowly so be willing to journey with people as change occurs.

5)    Training: Not nearly enough time after MTC. Make the most of this time.

6)    Student Ministry Time: Students should be asking questions of the ministers! It’s up to us to pick their brains rather than expecting them to dump everything on us. Take the initiative in your own training.

7)    Time and Organisation: Won’t get by in ministry without some sort of organisational structure. Get on top of this. Pick the brains of others on this. Time management is key in a healthy and balanced ministry. Best reading in time management – Getting Things Done – Dave Allen.

8)   Living life in the Goldfish Bowl: Be aware you will see people all the time and they’ll want to talk to you regardless of your personal preferences.

9)   Life Outside of Church: Keep relationships up from MTC. Good to relate outside of church context. We are going to have to leave friendships behind as we move around in ministry in order to serve those we meet with, but a few key relationships are important! Work hard at non-Christian relationships!

Good times…


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