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Asylum Seeker Ministry

by on March 29, 2011


Patrick, Patto and myself spent Tuesday afternoon with Shirely Cheng, Director of Mission fellowshipping with the asylum Seekers bible study group. In Hong Kong there are thousands of asylum seekers with the majority of them living in Chung Hing Mansion, which is very close to SAC. These asylum seekers are free to move around in the city, but they are not allowed to work. They are given food vouchers and some money.

Most of the asylum seekers that come were from Africa and one of the men was from India. We had a wonderful time listening to their stories, particular to the testimony of a guy who we will name as “David”. David was a Muslim and one day God compelled him to visit SAC and on his first visit after listening to the sermon, he fell down to his knees and accepted Christ in his life. Since then he has been growing immensely as a Christian and now a growth is supporting him financially to study the Moore PTC correspondence course to equip him to reach out to his fellow Muslim friends.

We were very moved by the experience, we sang a worship song in African, we shared our favorite bible passages and prayed together. Most that came are Christians and I was deeply encouraged by their faith in God in the trails they faced as asylum seekers.


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