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More to Life: North Epping Day 3

by on March 29, 2011

Yesterday we had a great time teaching Christian Studies to year 9, 10 and 11 classes at the local Anglican School. Some of the team gave their testimonies and others examined the issues of judgment and suffering/evil.

Michael Jensen and some of the team ran an apologetics seminar at All Saints yesterday morning.

Apologetics Seminar

Michael Jensen and the team running an apologetics seminar at All Saints

Yesterday afternoon Roger Green (Senior Minister at All Saints) shared some insights on parish ministry with the team:

  • Ministry is about sharing not only the gospel but your life and the lives of others – 1 Thessalonians 2
  • As ministers we share in the big events of peoples’ lives (good and bad) – Romans 12

This morning we’re involved in 3 ministries:

  • Local playgroup
  • Conducting a scripture service at a local primary school
  • Helping out with uni ministry at Macquarie Uni

This evening we will be holding another apologetics seminar at All Saints.

Pray for energy as the week rolls on and that we’d be able to enjoy times of rest when they come. Pray that we’d be good witnesses to our billets. Pray for our families back home that they’d be able to cope well without us. Pray for the Easter skit to be performed at the local primary school this morning as part of the scripture service.


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