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Springwood Winmalee Days 1-3

by on March 29, 2011

“Something big has happened, and we can’t shut up about it”

– thus declared Andrew Cameron in his vernacular paraphrase of Acts 4:20. Our fearless leader preached this message to just a few of the 9 or so congregations we visited on our first day at Springwood/Winmalee Anglican Church. It’s a sentence which sums up quite helpfully, and quite faithfully, what on earth we’ve been trying to do up here in the cold heights above Sydney.

It was indeed quite cold at 8am on Sunday morning, as team members showed up in their Sunday best (well, some did), to attend early morning prayer book services. Cold faces and hands were quickly thawed out by the warm sounds of the organ – and the equally warm welcome of the congregations. It would be rather tedious to recount everything that members of our team did that day across the 9 congregations – suffice to say, we did a lot. And apparently, most of it was rather good! From Prash and John’s rousing sermons, to the engaging testimony of James the thoughtful and understated pom, to the antics of Reuben the hyena – an encouraging time was had by all.

Monday was intense. After a team morning together and lunch (delicious), much of the team spent the afternoon in preparation for the many Scripture events that would be run over the week, while some of the girls on team were rushed around to several women’s dialogue and bible study events.

Our fabled HQ

But Tuesday was more intense. The high school team found themselves in the Springwood High quadrangle hanging out, playing cards and drinking free milo with about 100 kids before school started – which was a few more than they had anticipated – but was awesome. The primary school team spent the morning sharing the good news of Mark 10:45 with about a million or so excitable kids (who were, naturally, excited by Murray’s ventriloquy and the 29 different ways in which to say the memory verse). The High School team then found themselves with the incredible opportunity to preach the gospel to 150 year 7 kids (yes, 150) at Winmalee high – an opportunity they took with much keenness and passion.

In amongst the madness, many doors have been knocked, many seniors have been visited for tea, many bible studies have been attended, many conversations have been had – all because something big has happened in this world – and we just can’t shut up about it.

What can you pray for the Springwood/Winmalee team?

* Continued energy, especially for tired and sick team members, and a real heart for the lost in this town.

* That we might be a real encouragement to the members of the church, especially our billets – loving and servant hearted in every opportunity

* That God’s Word might continue to work in the hearts of those we have shared the gospel with – especially the few hundred kids we’ve been so privileged  to be able to speak to

* For conversations, proclamations and salvation at some of the events coming up soon; soccer BBQ, Volleyball and men’s bible study, mother’s group outreach events, seniors visiting, door knocking, Winmalee High Breakfast Club and 2 primary/infant school Scripture assemblies.


The S/W team.


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