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All kids, all the time

by on March 30, 2011

Tuesday was a day full of kids’ ministry at Ashbury, with three school scripture assemblies, and the St Matts kids club, KASAM.

St Matts has fantastic facilities for kids’ ministry, with a recently renovated hall, and huge fenced in property. Thankfully God answered our prayers for fine weather and we were able to make great use of the grounds for lots of vigorous games at KASAM.


The lesson at KASAM was on the parable of the persistent widow, and the kids responded really well to the drama (involving a bread thief and lots of hammy acting) and the discussion groups. They also learned a great memory verse (Philippians 4:6), which contains a message we on mission all need to take to heart as well!


After a messy bread-making activity, we ended the afternoon with an end of term BBQ. Lots of parents came and ate together while the kids continued to run around like crazy things (boundless energy and all that!). Our role by this point was to mainly keep all the behind the scenes things ticking over (like cooking, cleaning and serving food) so that the regulars were able to have extended conversations with non-Christian parents.


Although kids’ ministry can be exhausting, it is also really rewarding to see kids respond with enthusiasm and excitement when learning about Jesus. And they are the next generation that will hopefully keep churches like St Matts growing. Please pray that the life changing gospel would take root in these young ones’ hearts, and that the seeds sown at scripture and kids’ club would just be the start of wonderful work God will do in their lives.


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