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More to Life: North Epping Day 4

by on March 30, 2011

Yesterday the team ran a scripture service at a local primary school, including a couple of songs, a memory verse and a pantomime.

Adrian & Tim at the pantomime

Adrian & Tim at the pantomime

Today our very own Michael Jensen debated Dr Russell Blackford at Macquarie University about whether it’s time to leave God behind. There was a great turnout and a number of the team got to speak to non-believers about Jesus. Beforehand some of the team were involved in walk-up evangelism and participated in a campus public meeting.

We also taught scripture at the local Anglican school and a local high school.

Youth Minister Matt Jacobs shared some insights from his experience in Youth Ministry.

We’ve had a great time on the whole with some small frustrations and disappointments. Pray that we’d grow through these experiences. Pray that we’d place our trust and confidence in God. Pray that God would encourage and inspire us to press on towards the goal of presenting everyone mature in Christ.


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  1. Nina Suprun permalink

    Great that you guys are at North Epping, I went to primary school there and remember the great dances we use to have at All Saints, it was a regular meeting ground for youth on Friday nights and Saturdays.
    Will pray for you regenerating,

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