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Women + 1 Kid + P. Kern = success!!

by on March 30, 2011

Jo Mason’s pinch-hits for the Grove blog – some reflections on today from the pen of Jo…

We didn’t evangelise anyone today. And it was great.

That is, we (Jacque, Zoe, Stef, Elise and Jo) went to biblestudy with women who meet on Wednesday mornings, and talked to them about talking to others about the new life they have in Jesus.

We were encouraged by their love for the Lord as they shared questions and situations that they had encountered in their efforts to hold out the word of life to people they know and love. As we spent time talking about our own identities in Christ and discussing apologetic questions with each other, it was great to see how this increased their confidence in their abilities to talk with others too.

Pray for these sisters that they would have courage, patience, wisdom and trust as they seek to speak about Jesus with their whole lives. And that they would be prayerful.

Our discussion would not have been what it was, had P. Kern not played quietly on the floor with one of the children for most of the hour. Thanks for your kind and humble service brother.




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