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Connecting with creation

by on March 31, 2011

Do you have a secret inner longing to garden? Don’t feel ashamed, lots of people in Newtown do. That is partly why St Stephens launched the Community Garden. There is a real desire for people to connect with creation, and in a place where there are so few backyards it seems natural that a Community Garden would flourish. Again I find myself filled with thankfulness for the insight that this church has into the needs of the community. Pray they will keep thinking about how to connect with their neighbours.

Anna and I visited a Women’s Bible Study yesterday with the intention of talking with them about encouragement, and practising ways to encourage others. Instead, we discovered that they are already doing it! God is so good! We saw that they are walking alongside each other, pointing one another to Christ in all their daily decisions and struggles. We were encouraged by them! Praise God!

Today was more Scripture, and I understand that tonight the men will be watching a butcher carve up a whole cow. I can’t quite get my mind around that one, but I’m glad I’m not there to watch! Pray for no-one to get crushed by a falling cow, and for a God-glorifying evening. I’ll bring more news on this tomorrow.


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