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Springwood/Winmalee Post #2

by on March 31, 2011


The views around here are alright I suppose

“Yeah, I guess my question would be; what’s life kinda all about?”

– answered R, after she was asked during door-listening (let the reader understand) what one question she would ask God if it were God who had shown up at the door instead of them. The team members proceeded to talk about Jesus.

In fact, a lot of team members have been talking about Jesus. That’s kind of what we’re trying to see happen. The way we’ve been encouraged by the Springwood church team to go about such a task is to get the local people talking first. We’re trying to get the community talking to us, about what’s on their hearts and minds – about what their questions for God are. Our mission is to then tell them they should check out this Jesus fellow. It’s been an interesting, and rewarding process.

Yesterday, the Primary and High School teams wrapped up for the week. More hot chocolate and bread flowed forth from the team at Winmalee High for breakfast, while the ever energetic primary team pulled off another ripper production for the little ones at two more schools. Everyone involved in the school’s ministry has had a really exciting week – the opportunities have been so fantastic.

But no team member was prepared for the flood of children who turned up for the kids outreach event. There were seriously thousands of children. There were magic shows, every conceivable craft, a jumping castle and some quality coffee on tap for the slightly less child-at-heart visitors. It seemed like a great opportunity for heaps of non-Christian families to step into a church and feel welcomed and comfortable. Thank God for the church members who invested a lot to make this event run, and pray for good follow up. As I type, Lisa is giving a talk at the Women’s ‘Face2face’ outreach event, asking, ‘What does Jesus offer the Modern Woman?‘ Pray that’d be really fruitful.

Seriously, the Hebrew can wait

We've really felt that the Springwood community is looking out for our needs

Thursday and Friday represent the Sabbath for team members (split across the two days), pray that we’d be refreshed for the big weekend ahead.

Speaking of the big weekend ahead, what can you be praying for?

The big event is Foundation Day – a day when apparently every Springwood resident embraces the Springwood within them. There are a couple of hundred stalls, the streets are closed down, there will be thousands of people wandering around – which is very conveniently timed for mission! Pray for the team as they’re out in force across the day, having conversations, making connections, being salt and light in the world etc.

On Saturday night the team splits to attend either the epic youth event involving air gyms and every imaginable computer console, or the Men and Meat night – your classic ‘butcher-comes-and-tears-a-cow-apart-to-the-fascination-of-a-bunch-of-blokes-many-of-whom-need-to-hear-about-Jesus-which-is-convenient-since-John-will-be-giving-a-short-talk’ kind of event.

And Sunday, of course, will bring a flurry of church services – with many students giving sermons and the like. This Sunday has a particularly evangelistic tilt to it – pray that many non-Christians would come and hear the gospel and be saved.

Much Love,

<The S/W team>


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