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DGS – Top Girl School in HK

by on April 1, 2011


This morning, Amanda, Chenny and I went with Darren, SAC’s youth worker, to Diocesan Girl’s School. DGS is Hong Kong’s top girl’s public high school and most of these girls at DGS will end up in prominent and professional positions in Hong Kong’s society. What is amazing is that the Headmaster of DGS, Mrs Lau, is a committed Christian who is passionate and unashamedly promoting Christianity in the life and curriculum of DGS. Every morning at DGS there is assembly where the girls sing hymns and a short bible talk is given. SAC has a great relationship with DGS and has the opportunity to come into DGS to give bible talks every Fridays. The girls also study religious studies and go on evangelistic camps as part of their course work. Today Amanda gave a short talk on the passover with the disciples (Luke 22:7-23). Overall we were very impressed with girl’s singing and Mrs Lau leadership and vision to see her girls know Christ before they entered a materialistic and success driven world that is Hong Kong.



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  1. I do apologise if I read you wrong, but I am surprised that you think it “amazing” that a Christian school should incorporate Christian practices in its daily activities. The first word in the school’s name is “Diocesan”, and it was it was founded in 1860 by the Anglican (Episcopalian) Church.

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