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Who’s your neighbour?

by on April 1, 2011

One night this week I got a mysterious message from my fellow mission teammate, Guan: “Would it be a hassle for you to bring your camera tomorrow? It may come to nothing, but I have an idea …” Knowing Guan, I thought “woh…this will be something good”.

Inspired by neighbour day and St Matts’ enthusiasm to be visible and active in the community, Guan’s idea was simple: approach members of the community in public places around Ashbury, and ask them if they would agree to have their photo taken with our sign, reading: I’m your neighbour. We’d explain we were from the local church, and we wanted to show a slideshow of the photos at the free movie night in the church grounds this Sunday. We’d also hopefully break through the awkwardness barrier, and would be able to have some chats to people about the church and what they thought about Jesus.

The team had some great conversations at Croydon Park shops (the closest strip of shops to the church).

Jon and Guan talked to a hairdresser named Toni for about 40 minutes. Toni has a strong Catholic background, but was really keen to learn more about Jesus, and even seemed interested in coming along to a women’s Bible study at the church.

Tim and Keith had a long chat with a Lebanese woman, who had migrated to Australia with her Australian husband. She had hoped to meet lots of “Australians” (we think she probably meant Anglo Australians) but hadn’t really met any, so was really happy to talk to Tim and Keith! They assured her she would meet heaps of people at church and gave her a copy of the Essential Jesus. She was keen for people from the church to come and visit her again.

Please pray for the people we’ve met doing this project, that their interest would go beyond having their photo taken, to coming and learning more about Jesus at St Matts. Pray that the people at St Matts would be encouraged to get out, meet and talk to the people in their community, and show them that being someone’s neighbour involves more than just living next door to them.


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