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our crazy saturday

by on April 2, 2011

Thanks for praying for the weather. Apart from a few drops around lunch time the rain held off. Praise God! He is very kind to us!

Neighbour day was ace! There was coffee and a barbecue and a jumping castle and helium balloons and face painting and balloon animals. FUN! Saturday morning also happens to be the time when Erskineville Church Hall is rented out to a number of different dance and yoga groups so there were plenty of people around. I had a long chat with Vanessa, who had been raised as a Catholic but adopted an almost Buddhist worldview with some Christian overtones. She thinks that the God of the Old Testament is angry and the God of the New Testament is loving. Please pray she’ll read The Essential Jesus and pray that we can catch up again and keep talking about Christianity.

What do you get if you mix jazz with crepes and coffee? Jazz in the Graveyard! The weather turned cool this afternoon while we were setting up for the jazz night, but a few jackets and scarves later the stage was set up, the crepe batter made and the coffee machine buzzing away. People brought picnic blankets and sat amongst the tombstones chilling to the laid back tunes. One lady said, ‘You guys do community events so well’. Praise God! Please pray that she may one day come into the church and hear the greatest news of the King who laid down his life to save hers.


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