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helping sow the seeds (literally)

by on April 3, 2011

A lot of what we’ve been doing at Ashbury this week has been pre-evangelism type stuff; getting the name of the church out there, and letting people know where they can go to find out more about Jesus. It’s also been about showing people in the community that Christians are not scary, that we’re friendly and willing to get alongside them to lend a hand.

The boys getting into the compost

A bunch of us got together with some parents from Ashbury Public School at the school/community gardens yesterday. It was a great morning, digging holes, concreting fence posts, moving a (small) mountain of dirt and grass, and setting up a garden bed.  The school parents seemed really happy that we’d come along to help, and that St Matts was keen to participate in the project.  And us soft college students benefitted from a bit of manual labour after our week of delicious morning teas and lunches!

It wasn't just the students - Keith got stuck into the work too!

It was fun to be part of the project for a day, and to know that we played a part in something that hundreds of school kids will work in and use. Hopefully the seeds of goodwill that we helped sow will bear fruit in the relationship the church has with the community. And, God willing, gospel seeds can be sown further down the track! (okay I’ll stop pushing that metaphor now)

The team and people from the neighbourhood - covered in dirt but happy!


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