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Each year, Moore College sends out teams of students & faculty to partner with local churches in proclaiming Jesus. The mission teams are scattered throughout Sydney, Australia and the World. Click here to see where the different teams will be going.

2011 Dates: Sunday 27th – Sunday 3rd April.

This blog will be updated regularly throughout the mission week.

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We see our mission as enabling men and women to deepen their knowledge of God, through higher education in the field of theology. This is so that they might faithfully and effectively live exemplary Christian lives, proclaim and teach the Word of God, and care for others in the name of Jesus Christ in all the world, to the glory of God.

Find out more about Moore College

DISCLAIMER: this is a student initiative. If we say something a little rushed, don’t blame Moore College!

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  1. Greetings from the Food for the Hungry, Philippines!

    My name is Sis. Chay Dionco from Manila, by God’s grace, I am having the opportunity to serve as Resource Development Manager. I got to know about Moore College Missions Team thru the web as I search for Missions Team. It is so amazing how God works when men cooperate with Him. As I watch the videos and read the site, I pray in my heart that one day you will experience Christ here in the Philippines.

    The Philippines with a current population of around 98M with almost 50% living in poverty is a home to a minimum of 22 typhoons annually and other natural disasters. Problems on no or poor accessibility to basic social services is common. FH focuses on child-focused community transformation specifically on education, health, disaster relief and risk management and values formation. To top it all, bringing people to salvation is our goal. we are partner with churches, leaders and families to walk together.
    FH Philippines seeks to end hunger one at a time (both physical and spiritual hungers).

    In FH Philippines, we have the Short-term Teams Program is a ministry which represents an incredible opportunity to affect lives for Jesus Christ by opening the eyes of individuals to the needs of those less fortunate than themselves. Team members ALWAYS receive more than they give and come away with more than they have contributed.

    Our Goal is to give people an opportunity to serve, learn, and be stretched in ways that cause them to grow.

    We categorized volunteers into three teams: Children’s Team where their projects/missions are child-focused such as vacation bible school, puppet ministries, games and activities, music presentations, drama presentations
    health presentations. the second one is the Professionals Team who can do medical and dental missions, or any skills/talents they can share in the community. the last is the Vision Team which will be on a nature trip for exposure and see God’s chosen mission for him/her.

    If its okay with you, can we send a Mission Team proposal for your future consideration?
    For more information about us, you can check us at

    We look forward to hearing from you. God bless you and your ideals.

    Grace be multiplied,

    Resource Development Manager
    Food for the Hungry-Philippines
    Tel. No” (632) 247-4186
    Mobile: (0915) 604-6600

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