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author guidelines

thanks to our great team of moore mission bloggers!

(if you want to contribute, email con campbell on and let him know which mission team you are on. it’s preferable that you’re at least a little bit familiar with the blogging platform wordpress – or willing to watch a couple of vids at to learn how)

some general guidelines:

  • no one wants to read your essays. keep it short and simple. maybe 200-500 words? 50-300 words
  • pictures are good. be aware of permission/child protection etc. best not to have pics of kids. mainly have pics of (willing) team members and local adults.
  • be careful with sensitive info – locations and names. if in doubt, check with your faculty leader/local pastor. otherwise keep it vague and generic (change names etc).
  • your job during mission week is to partner with a local church in proclaiming Jesus. don’t spend 5 hours a day writing blog posts!
  • share both the joys and struggles of mission
  • you don’t have to say EVERYTHING that happened with your team each day.  choose 1 simple point, prayer point or story to share…

if you have an iPhone – it’s got a useful wordpress app. you could easily write your posts there.

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